Please see the below list of the services we provide. If you have any questions or are not sure if a particular treatment is right for your pet, just give us a call at 203-934-3536.


Vaccinations, heartworm medications and deworming

Behavior Consultations & Psychological Problems:

Diagnosis and treatments for anxiety, fear, aggression, isolation, spraying and others

Pet Hotel:

Boarding and grooming, including shaves, baths, flea dips, and pedicures


Scaling and cleaning, extractions, dental and oral surgery, dental diseases and fillings

Diagnostics & Laboratory Testing Services:

X-Rays, electrocardiograms, blood profiles, endocrine profiles, heartworm tests, and fecal, disease and digestion Profiles. All performed on site.

Internal Medicine:

Cardiac, respiratory, digestive and urogenital diagnosis, treatment and medicine


Cancer treatments and chemotherapy

Geriatric Care:

Special diagnostic testing, treatment and management for older animals


Soft tissue, orthopedic, reconstructive, cosmetic, spaying (ovariohysterictomy), neutering (castrations), tail docking, and declawing


Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases (parasitic, bacterial and fungal) and allergy testing and treatments

Obesity Management:

Diagnosis, treatments, and special diets

Routine Health Examinations and Vaccinations

Pet Food and Supplies

We accept cash, checks (with a valid driver's license), Visa, Mastercard and Discover.